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Course Webpage for Math 10460 - Honors Mathematics II

Important Information

  • Lecture Time: MWF 9:25-10:15
  • Location: Hayes-Healy 229
  • Office Hours: Sunday 19:00-20:30 and Tuesday 17:00-18:30 in Hurley 295, or by appointment
  • E-mail: eburkard@nd.edu
  • Course TAs: Angela Adduci (Section 11) and Hannah Porter (Section 12)
  • Tutorial Sections:
    • Section 11: T 9:30-10:20, DeBartolo 241
    • Section 12: T 11:00-11:50, O'Shaughnessy 204
  • Course Syllabus
  • Calculus Review Packet

Handouts and Other Stuff

Lecture Progress

Mathematica files with an (M) next to it means at least part of the document contains demonstrations from the Wolfram Demonstrations Project. Quiz and Exam dates are tentative until further notice.
Day Date Material Covered Lecture Notes Homework Mathematica Notebook (if applicable)
Wed Jan 13 Course Introduction, Polar Coordinates, and Spirographs Notes Homework 1a
Fri Jan 15 Graphing Polar Equations and Conics in Polar (Parabolas) Notes Homework 1b
Mon Jan 18 Ellipses, Hyperbolas, and Starting Derivatives in Polar Notes Homework 1c
Wed Jan 20 Quiz 1 and Derivatives in Polar Notes Homework 2a
Fri Jan 22 Finish Derivatives and Lengths in Polar Notes Homework 2b
Mon Jan 25 Area in Polar and Equiangular Spirals Notes Homework 2c
Wed Jan 27 Calculus Review: Derivatives Notes (Thanks to Emily!) Homework 3a
Fri Jan 29 Quiz 2 and Calculus Review continued Homework 3b
Mon Feb 01 Calculus Review: Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and u-Substitution Homework 3c
Wed Feb 03 Quiz 3 and Calculus Review: Logarithms and Exponentials Homework 4a
Fri Feb 05 Intensive Review of Polar Coordinates Notes (Thanks to Maureen!) Homework 4b
Mon Feb 08 Motion under a Centripetal Force Notes Homework 4c
Wed Feb 10 Quiz 4 and Conic Trajectory implies Inverse Square Law Notes Homework 5a
Fri Feb 12 Inverse Square Law implies Conic Trajectory, Kepler's 1st and 3rd Laws Notes Read Section 12.11
Mon Feb 15 Digital Visualization Theater N/A
Wed Feb 17 Digital Visualization Theater N/A
Fri Feb 19 Mathematica Tutorial N/A N/A Mathematica Demo
Mon Feb 22 Exam 1 N/A
Wed Feb 24 Beginning Symmetries: Regular Triangle Notes Homework 6
Fri Feb 26 Triangle Symmetries: The Dihedral Group D3 Notes Homework 7a
Mon Feb 29 Physical Symmetry Subgroup, Symmetries of the Tetrahedron, and Symmetries of Irregular Shapes Notes Homework 7b
Wed Mar 02 Quiz 5, Groups, and Symmetries of a Circle Notes Homework 8a
Fri Mar 04 Fractals and Tilings Notes Homework 8b
Mon Mar 14 Matrix Basics and the Rotation Matrix Notes Homework 8c
Wed Mar 16 Quiz 6, Reflection Matrix, and Symmetry Groups Notes Homework 9a
Fri Mar 18 Translations and Isometries of the Plane Notes Homework 9b
Mon Mar 21 General Linear and Affine Transformations of the Plane Notes Homework 9c
Wed Mar 23 Quiz 7 and Review N/A N/A
Wed Mar 30 Exam 2 N/A N/A N/A
Fri Apr 01 Intro to Topology: Homeomorphic, Ambiently Isotopic, and Homotopy Equivalent Spaces Notes Homework 10a
Mon Apr 04 Surfaces and Connected Sum Notes Homework 10b
Wed Apr 06 Quiz 8 and Surfaces as Edge Identifications of Polygons Notes Homework 11a
Fri Apr 08 Orientability and the Euler Characteristic Notes Homework 11b
Mon Apr 11 Euler Characteristic continued and Euler's Polyhedron Formula Notes Homework 11c
Wed Apr 13 Quiz 9 and Platonic Solids Redux Notes Homework 12a
Fri Apr 15 Classification Theorem for Closed Surfaces, Introduction Notes Homework 12b
Mon Apr 18 Classification Theorem for Closed Surfaces Notes Homework 12c
Wed Apr 20 Quiz 10
Fri Apr 22
Mon Apr 25 Exam 3
Wed Apr 27 Documentary
Wed May 04 Final Exam N/A N/A N/A