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About Me

I am currently a Term Assistant Professor at DePaul University. As you may have guessed from the background, I am a huge fan of outer space, with all its stars and planets and stuff! It is actually because of Physics (my original undergraduate major) that I became a mathematician. Perhaps that explains my inclination towards symplectic geometry!

I come from the Los Angeles area in beautiful Southern California. Here is a photo (taken with my old phone, sorry for the poor quality) of the night skyline as seen from Dodger Stadium:

This was taken after the Atlanta Braves (my favorite team) beat the Dodgers on 6/8/2013. Among other things, I also like to (try to) play bass and guitar. My favorite musicians are Paul Gilbert (guitar), Billy Sheehan (bass), and Marco Minnemann (drums). Speaking of, here is a photo of me and Marco Minnemann after the Aristocrats' show on 8-14-2013: